Project idea
1. Popularization of solar construction.
2. Show the need to apply the principles of solar architecture for all types of buildings.
3. Show the simplicity and consistency of solutions.
4. To reveal the need to use ground energy banks in construction to reduce operating costs for cooling and heating.
5. Show that the right solar project will allow to avoid the use of high-tech (respectively, high-cost, short-lived and requiring repair) devices that can only serve as a Supplement.
6. To show that the correctly sun-projected structure is many times cheaper than the similar - traditional one.
7. To show that some principles of solar architecture are applicable to ready-made buildings.
8. Reveal the reliability, environmental friendliness, energy security and resource independence of the solar house at any time of the year in any climatic zones.
The theme of the project:
Affordable, low-tech, thermo-inertial, 100% solar buildings and villages.
Project mission:
Not to sell, and to convey information about the experimental 100% solar house under construction in Ukraine. To show that solar construction is simple, affordable, logical, economical, environmentally friendly.
Project objective:
Reducing energy dependence, increasing environmental and energy security of buildings on all continents.

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